Swiss Hotel Downtown Ottawa Hotel


On July 1st, 1867, Ottawa was alive with ceremony and celebration, as the city became the official capital of the newly formed country of Canada. An old logging operation along the ‘Ottawa River,’ the city took the river’s name as its own.

Our spectacular three-storey building located at #89 Daly Avenue within the Sandy Hill district of Ottawa, was built in 1872 from mineral-rich limestone in a vernacular Classical Revival style common in the late-1900s.

Parliament Building in 1863Sandy Hill, one of Ottawa’s oldest neighbourhoods, has been home to three Prime Ministers. And Daly Avenue, which has always been one of the most popular and ‘fashionable’ streets in Ottawa, has been home to many Fathers of Confederation including Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley; Sir Alexander Campbell; Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt; and, our first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, who just so happened to live  directly across the street from our hotel  between 1865 and 1872.

Originally, the Swiss Hotel building was divided into three separate units – #87, #89 and #91 Daly Ave., each which served many different purposes. Original residents included a clerk, Charles Ritchie; a civil servant, George Jarives; and, a chemist and alchemist George Mortimer.

Former name for the Swiss HotelIn 1945, the establishment was converted into an apartment complex, and then remodeled into a rooming house. In 1985, the Sauter family took over the establishment and opened it as a European hotel known as Gasthaus Switzerland Inn. In 2010, the family remodeled the building and re-opened it as the now modern-fusion boutique hotel known simply as the Swiss Hotel.